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What are ebooks?
Ebooks are electronic books. In other words books sent by and used through electronic means. Not only are they better for the environment but you pay less for your book because of the lack of heavy overhead (i.e. printing etc). Instead of purchasing the raw materials of a book you purchase the access to the books information or story. Some ebooks are as long as a novel. Ours are short story size so you get the optimum information in the shortest time. And this is the ebook series you've been waiting for! (Have a question? Call 440-428-2540 or click 'contact us' in the menu above)
Don't wait any longer! Become a professional now!

The e-book series for professionals! This ebook series brings professionalism itself into a new light. Getting to the very core of what you need to know. "Fill in the Holes" does exactly that. For the advanced professional "Fill in the Holes" introduces new ideas, ways to be more productive with your clients and concepts showing the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Want to get to the real obstacles of your relationship with your clients and professional relationships? You need to read Volume Five!

For beginners the series covers the basics letting you know what business is and what you need to do business effectively. Are you just getting started building your client relationships? Start with Volume One.There is information for all levels of business whether it be corporate powerhousing or the smaller self employed. "Fill in the Holes" of your professionalism. Whether you go through the volumes in order or only order the volumes you need, this series will change your attitude toward your clients and yourself. If you want to be a true professional you want to read this series!

Excerpts from the Forward by Stephen H. Long (Volume One)
When I began my career twenty-five years ago, I was lost ... I searched for everything I could find relating to self promotion. To my dismay there was very little information on the subject ... I learned through the school of trial and error trying one technique and then another ... It was a never ending process that is still going on today. And yet I never did find a truly effective way to get my name out there or to learn how to sell in my chosen field. Until now... Miss Pohl has finally taken out all of the "fluff" and put together an information that really works... "Fill in the Holes" contains valuable information that will change your life. Best Fishes Steve "Peachey Keene" Long

"Fill in the Holes" Volume One, The business of the business, being prepared reg. $15.00 Now only $5.00
"Fill in the Holes" Volume Two, Representing myself, promotional basics reg. $15.00 Now only $10.00
"Fill in the Holes" Volume Three, Contact, Cold Calling mailings and more reg. $15.00 Now only $10.00
"Fill in the Holes" Volume Four, Lessons in the sale, sales the best way reg. $15.00 Now only $10.00
"Fill in the Holes" Volume Five The etiquette & ethics of the professional, reg. $15.00 now only $10.00

Buyer information

If you have never purchased an ebook before there are some things we would like you to be aware of. Ordering is convenient and very simple. You purchase only the parts of the series that most interest you. Your payments are taken through Pay Pal so you're payments are guaranteed secure. Sign up for free and you're on your way! When you recieve your ebook you will need to fill out some information in order to recieve your ID number for viewing. Ebook viewer will prompt you. This will be done for each book. There is a time limit of six months from the time of purchase of any one book. Your email address and other information is secure and lists are not sold to anyone at anytime. Thank you for your purchase of Oh My Gosh Co. ebooks.

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