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The Oh My Gosh! Co. Welcomes you.
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It's time to start your discovery! Welcome to our Online Performing / Healing Arts Education Center! As seen in Balanced Living Magazine!

"For over 35 years I have been proud to offer you and your communities outstanding healing and performing arts services. Enjoy your journey through this site and Welcome to our family!" Anna M. Pohl Founder/Owner The Oh My Gosh! Co. Give us a call! 440-341-5004 For Company Wellness programing click the link below. Newsletter Sign-Up is here!
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Find out what we're about and how we got started. Find links to intruction and organizations. You never know what you'll find!
Healing Arts
This is the perfect place if you are looking for balance and self improvement. Find information about Company Wellness, Reiki and other healing arts as well as links to organizations.
Clowning Arts
Clowning is a very special type of performance art. It is our most popular outreach venue. Like Skipper, you need many unique qualities. Keep up on the latest in the art and don't forget to contact us about programs for your business, school or organization.
Education, Lectures, Classes & Shows
At Oh My Gosh! We offer educational programs of all ages and subjects. See what's new. Business, Performing , Healing Arts find what you're looking for here. Contact us and schedule your event date today!
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Get Healthy or go Bankrupt! Don't pass this opportunity to Save your life and save your business. Check out our Company Wellness Fast track! click on Healing Arts to the left! 440-341-5004